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About Us

Center for Wellness MD – Our Philosophy

Our ideal world is one where both women and men have access to a wide variety of evidence-based knowledge and treatments to slow down the physical and hormonal effects of aging.  We strive to empower others to feel positive about their bodies.

We’ve mastered our skills based on the latest options for hormone replacement, intimate rejuvenation, bladder control, weight loss, body contouring, hair regrowth, and various facial treatments to minimize the signs of aging for women and men.  

We apply more than 70 years of cumulative experience in delivering comprehensive care that promotes healthier aging.  We are experts at collaborative treatment plans for wellness.  Our bottom line is your well-being.

At Center for Wellness MD, we are working to create a future where all women and men can experience the full extent of confidence, courage, and satisfaction that optimal health and wellness provides.

We provide care based on what your body is saying and
we can help you to explore options for your overall health that are safe,
effective and long-lasting.

Your Testimonials Motivate Us

We like to let our patients tell that part of the story:

“I came to Center for Wellness because I wanted to feel noticeably different, and now I do.  They’re
willing to try new therapies and are experts on advancements in hormone health.  The staff really listens and that’s what I like most about Center for Wellness MD.  I am confident that they are concerned about my overall health.”  — Heather C.

“I had a wonderful experience at the Center for Wellness MD.  I felt cared for and appreciated from the moment I made my appointment.”  — Lenci V.

“Dr. Russell cares about her patients.  She is very thorough at making sure what you are receiving works for your body and is willing to go above and beyond to get you on a healthy road.  I feel my husband and I are in good hands and are blessed to be under her care.”  — Anonymous

“Mary and the staff at Center for Wellness MD are just wonderful.  I’ve been getting BioTe for years and I love how it makes me feel.  More energy, I sleep better and just all around feeling better and younger.  I highly recommend them and BioTe hormones if you want to feel like you’re 30 again!”  — Pam S.

Meet Our Providers

We’ve mastered the latest wellness knowledge and apply more than 70 years of cumulative experience in delivering comprehensive care that promotes healthier aging.

Asela Russell, MD

Founder, Center for Wellness MD
Board-certified OB/GYN

Dr. Russell applies more than 35 years of experience in OB/GYN helping women feel great of all ages. She graduated from Duke University School of Medicine and completed her residency at the University of California San Francisco.  Dr. Russell is a member of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the American Medical Association, and the Colorado Medical Society.

Read Dr. Russell’s Full Bio HERE

Mary Halpin, RN, BSN

Clinical Manager
BioTE Practitioner

Patients know Mary Halpin for her loving, caring personality. Mary earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Regis University, has specialized in hormone pellet therapy since 2013, and brings more than 30 years of experience to every conversation. In her free time, she loves traveling, scuba diving, or riding with her husband on their Harley.

Cathie Warren, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Cathie is a Colorado native who has been a practicing Nurse Practitioner for over 30 years.  She was interested in the medical field ever since she was 5 years old, it is where her heart is.  She has always been drawn to women’s healthcare.  She also enjoys caring for the adolescent population.  She also has extensive experience in antepartum, postpartum, and GYN.