Think back to a time where your sex life was at its PRIME. How did you feel? You probably felt sexy, confident, vibrant, and energetic. Your sex life is a significant indicator of your health, confidence, and relationship. If you are experiencing a dip in your sex life, just know that you are not alone in this. The problem is that many women will leave it this way. Don’t hold off on the actions that will improve your sex life. Eventually, their sex lives wither away until they no longer exist. Learn how your sex life can get off track and what you can do to stop that from happening. 

1. Pain With Sex

Up to 30% of women experience pain with sex at some time in their lives. Pain can be due to infections, scar tissue from childbirth or surgery, skin conditions like lichen sclerosis and vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is associated with the loss of blood vessels found in the collagen of the vagina. Hormone problems are often the underlying cause of vaginal dryness. Treatment can include vaginal or systemic hormone treatments. However, hormones are not always possible, desirable or effective.

How to Feel Pleasure Instead of Pain

Collagen rebuilding therapies like Votiva or PRP/O shot. Votiva painlessly stimulates collagen repair with an office-based radio-frequency treatment. PRP/O-shot is also an office-based treatment where the repair cells and growth factors from your own body are concentrated and placed in the genital tissues. Both treatments can restore natural lubrication, elasticity and comfort. They can also be helpful in managing the skin condition, lichen sclerosis.

2. Sex Feels Like a Chore- AKA Low Libido

A lack of interest in sex is also a common problem. Countless women of all ages ask for help in getting sex drive back, as it negatively impacts their lives and relationships. Loss of interest in sex can be due to common medications, hormone changes, and/or altered sensation.

Solution For A Low Libido

Because low libido can be from a variety of components, a 360 Wellness Consult is critical in determining the correct course of treatment for your low sexual desire. This includes a careful review of medical history, medications, and measurement of hormone levels. Sometimes, the problem is easily remedied with hormone treatments such as BioTe (Bio-identical hormone treatment). Based on your results, medication may be the best solution. Addy, a prescribed medication, boosts sexual interest by effecting your levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin stimulates the sex-focused parts of the brain. Restoring sexual sensation with O-shot can go a long way to jump-starting sexual interest.

3. Sensation- “it’s dead down there”

Loss of genital sensation can result from diabetes, hormone changes and/or pelvic floor tone. A weak pelvic floor can be a result of pregnancy and childbirth. Gravity, hormones, and genetics can also contribute to pelvic floor weakness and vaginal laxity.

Get Sensation Again For A Better Sex Life

A general check-up and genital exam can help to pinpoint the problem and help Center For Wellness MD identify solutions. Hormone therapy, oftentimes, can enhance vaginal sensation. Pelvic floor physical therapy (like super-specialized Kegels) has helped many women to improve pelvic floor function and elasticity. Votiva radio-frequency can get normal collagen tone and tightness back for more pleasurable sensation. The O-shot (PRP) can also help to improve sexual sensation by revitalizing pelvic nerve function and collagen strength.

4. No Orgasms

Did you know that women who have more orgasms have better skin, healthier bodies, and longer lives? Everybody wants to be able to reach orgasm! Loss of ability to reach orgasm can be an unpleasant consequence of aging. This change can also be related to a hormone imbalance, loss of elasticity, decreased blood flow, or a number of other causes. Again, in order to discover the root cause of your inability to reach orgasm would be to contact Dr. Asela Russel at Center For Wellness MD.

Find Your Orgasms, Have Better Sex

Getting all systems working in harmony is crucial to getting your orgasms back. Studies have shown that hormone balancing treatments that focus on testosterone levels can help. Collagen repair treatments, including Votiva and the O-shot, can improve lubrication, elasticity, and sensation.



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