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PRP for Hair Loss

Treatment for Alopecia

Hair thinning and hair loss (alopecia) can be deeply distressing. Hair growth can be affected by genetics, stress, aging, hormones, and immune system attacks.  Hormone changes during pregnancy, menopause, and thyroid imbalances can often cause sudden hair loss. PRP (plasma-rich plasma) is removed from your own blood where red and white blood cells are removed and growth factors and platelets are spun down then applied to the scalp via tiny subcutaneous injections, micro-needling, and/or use of the Collagenizer.  Studies have shown scalp PRP to be 70% effective in stimulating hair regrowth.  It has also been shown to thicken thinned-out hair. The Collagenizer uses gentle electromagnetic energy to open the water channels in the skin to allow penetration of the growth factors and platelets into the hair follicles.

*Usually a series of 3-4 treatments over 8-12 weeks is recommended.  Because of the hair growth cycle of 3-4 months, multiple treatments are required. A boost of PRP to the scalp every year is also recommended. 

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