Effective Care Takes Time

Many women feel the baseline preventive screening delivered during an annual exam isn't enough to thoroughly support their goals for confidence, emotional health, and sexual satisfaction.

We believe the time you spend in an exam room should ensure your
concerns are explored in depth.

This care experience is designed for women whose needs fall outside the insurance world's definition of "essential."


We'll Address Every Health Consideration on Your Mind

(even the questions you've been hesitant to ask other physicians!)

After a detailed 45-minute medical exam and hormone consult, we’ll run targeted lab work to zero in on your specific age-related concerns, including:

Health & Confidence

Weight gain, physical concerns,
and emotional health.

Vitality & Brain Function

Focus, concentration, motivation,
and energy.

Sensuality & Sexuality

Engagement, libido, and
vaginal comfort.


Once we’ve carefully reviewed your lab results, we’ll with you meet again for a follow-up discussion about treatment options and actions that will improve your health. Your 360° Wellness Consult experience will be anything but one-and-done.

"What differentiates Center for Wellness is that they listen. The treatment is individual and not one-size-fits all."

— Flo F.

We're Ready to Collaborate with You

To us, this is an ongoing relationship; one where you are engaged and empowered in the decision-making. It’s why we provide a variety of treatment options aimed at
improving your quality of life, including...

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feminine Rejuvenation

"Center for Wellness brings a thorough approach and what I value most is the relationship we've formed together."

— Jennet F.

Start the Conversation About Your Health

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