Year after year, summer after summer, we find ourselves making commitments to get in shape and lose weight.  Many women will give it a try and then find themselves feeling hopeless due to minimal results. Feeling defeated, many women put weight loss on the backburner once again. Weight-loss during menopause feels unattainable to most women due to hormonal changes that occur in their bodies. Women going through menopause commonly hear physicians claim that the extra weight is “inevitable.” This leaves them feeling completely out of control of their own bodies. Despite these common claims, Center For Wellness MD is determined to make the “impossible” possible. We know that women want to get the extra weight off. We will help them get there by hurdling over the menopausal obstacles of weight loss.

Menopause Weight-Loss Obstacle #1: “I Pee Every Time I Workout”

Returning from the gym or a run with wet pants doesn’t exactly sound like a great time. Why would you go to the gym if you have bladder leakage every time you take a step on the treadmill? Unfortunately, this slight urinary incontinence leaves many women feeling disempowered and embarrassed after workouts. Women who have given birth often experience this obstacle. Quite frankly, we don’t blame you for choosing to stay home instead of heading to the gym. The beautiful thing is that bladder leakage does not have to be permanent and there is a solution that can resolve it.

The O-Shot and Votiva- Beat Bladder Leakage

Both the O-shot and Votiva are non-invasive treatments that stimulate your body’s biology to bring elasticity back to your pelvic floor. This is a painless, easy, and effective solution that leaves women feeling like they have control of their bladders again. At Center For Wellness MD, we’ve had patients that go from little control to feeling totally confident in their exercise routine again because of these treatment options.

Menopause Weight Loss Obstacle #2: “I’m tired, depressed, and lack motivation”

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, the best thing to do would be to consult your physician (Dr. Asela Russel). Fortunately,  you don’t need to consistently feel this way and there is a solution for you. Often times men and women will experience low energy and/or a depressed state from hormonal changes. Nobody can make it to the gym feeling like this, and if they do they will leave feeling absolutely depleted.

BioTe- Get Your Energy Back and Increase Your Workout Motivation

BioTe relies on hormones that reflect your own body’s chemistry to bring your hormonal levels back into balance. Interestingly, hormone imbalance affects your mood, energy, weight, mental clarity, and more. If you’re currently experiencing these symptoms,  contact Center For Wellness MD today to discover the route cause of your low motivation.

Menopause Weight Loss Obstacle #3: Working Out and Dieting Doesn’t Work For Me

Often times women will work out each day while sticking to a healthy diet and still experience minimal results. Not surprisingly, menopause and hormonal changes that occur after having children can make it incredibly difficult to lose weight. Unfortunately, many feel guilty that the weight isn’t coming off and that they will forever be stuck with the extra LBS. In reality, the chemistry of your hormones result in your body holding on to extra weight.  Luckily, that doesn’t mean you can’t control it and you are out options. In fact, Center For Wellness MD is confident that this is something we can help you with.

BioTe May Help You Lose Weight!

Our 360 Wellness Consult allows us to understand your body. You’ll quickly understand if your weight gain comes from hormonal causes or other factors. Each patient is unique and it is important that we decide on a unique plan to overcome these weight loss obstacles. Fortunately for you, we’ve removed the notion of “impossible” from our vocabulary and we promise to work with you and help you reach your goals.

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