Low TSH Symptoms

Center For Wellness MD often see patients who complain of mid-afternoon fatigue, being cold all the time, unexplained hair loss and just not feeling well. They suspect it may be caused by their thyroid. They often have been told that “their thyroid is fine” based on the TSH test. This test of the pituitary’s thyroid thermostat is only part of the thyroid picture. Most general wellness panels, including the 9 Health Fair, look no further. Low thyroid can be tricky to detect and comprehensive lab results are only a piece of the puzzle. Weight gain, depression, sluggish bowels, dry skin and hair (even in our dry climate) can be signs of low thyroid function. Thyroid dysfunction can affect your periods and may make it difficult to get pregnant.

High Thyroid Symptoms

High thyroid can be just as problematic for your health. Too much thyroid stimulation can raise blood pressure, cause anxiety and irritability, trigger tremors, and block sleep. Sadly for women in their 40’s and 50’s thyroid symptoms overlap with those of menopause, delaying the diagnosis of thyroid disease.

Risk For Thyroid Disease

Why does thyroid disease happen? Your genetics play a big part–if your mother, sisters or female relatives have thyroid problems you are at higher risk. Some thyroid dysfunction has to do with the immune system’s attack on the thyroid, a condition called Hashimoto’s disease–the most common cause of low thyroid. Hashimoto’s seems to be aggravated by certain foods and environmental factors. Graves disease is another autoimmune thyroid problem but in contrast, it is characterized by antibodies that act as a constant stimulant. There can also be blocking antibodies to the thyroid only detected with the reverse T3 blood test. Iodine deficiency, increasingly common in our toxin-filled world, may cause thyroid problems too. Thyroid nodules are usually benign but can sometimes be precancerous or even cancerous.

What to do if you suspect that you have a thyroid problem?

Contact the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness MD for a complete history and physical which will allow us to get the correct lab tests. A thyroid ultrasound may also be helpful as well as a resting metabolic rate. We take your concerns seriously and work with you to establish a treatment plan.

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