When you think about having your first child, everything is warm and fuzzy. You smile at the thought of it and are anxious to start getting to it. While having a child is an absolutely beautiful experience, there are also many things that women tend to not talk about. At Center For Wellness MD, we believe that women should be able to talk about these topics. We feel comfortable laying out the reality so that a conversation among new moms can blossom!

  1. Bladder Leakage: You just gave birth to a child… about the size of a bowling ball! Get ready for peeing your pants when you walk, run, sneeze, or laugh. How could you not have bladder leakage?  Click here and learn how you can strengthen those muscles again.
  2. You may not immediately be an intuitive, nurturing mother. Everyone seems to give mothers the impression that they will immediately feel this deep and intuitive connection with their newborn child. Often times, new mothers are just learning how to stay awake at certain hours during the night.
  3. Afterbirth pains are common. You may feel pain in your abdominal area due to your uterus shrinking back to its normal size. They typically feel like cramps and generally go away after about a weak.
  4. Vaginal Discharge: Not only will you have to pee a lot, but you will also start feeling a lot of other fluid come out of your vagina. This is your body getting rid of blood and tissue that was needed during pregnancy. Some women find it uncomfortable and most find it annoying. This will most likely end after a few weeks.
  5. Your hormone levels will likely be out of whack. Many women can feel depressed, irritable, anxious, or burst into tears for no reason at all from this imbalance. Click here to see how else a hormone imbalance can affect your body and what else can be done for this. People refer to this as the baby blues, This does go away within a few weeks. If your emotions do not balance out after a few weeks please seek help with one of our providers. If you feel like you need additional support please reach out to Kelly Cot’e at Evolve Counseling, 720-506-1568
  6. Your vagina is not quite as elastic as it once was after giving birth. Because of this, both partners often will experience a decrease in sensation. This is after the recommended 6 weeks of abstaining from sex after giving birth.Unfortunately, this can also lead to problems or tension in a romantic relationship. Parents don’t need the added stress of a dent in their sex life, but it is extremely common. Click here and learn about non-invasive options that can bring sensation and elasticity back to your vagina.
  7. Both your skin and your hair will go through some changes. Some don’t notice this, while others feel like they have a new head of hair and completely different skin type! Often your skin texture will change and you will most likely have stretch marks.

Women should know what their body can go through after having a baby. It can help to be prepared for the physical, mental, and emotional changes ahead. If you ever have any questions or need support with these changes, contact our office and get scheduled to see what we can do for you.

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