Lisa went from having hot flashes, low energy, and mood changes from a hormonal roller coaster to living her absolute best life! Hormone symptoms don't have to control your life.

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Lisa's Story

Lisa had always been an active person. Her career as an occupational therapist was busy and fulfilling, and in her spare time she enjoyed hiking and skiing like any Coloradoan.

About five years ago, she began to experience hot flashes, lower energy levels, and changes in her mood related to perimenopause. She felt depressed, moody, anxious, tired, and despondent.

“I just did not feel like myself,” Lisa explained. “I had a low sex drive and I did not want to get up in the morning to go to work. I was very moody, tearful around my family and friends, and I had a hard time wanting to be social—and I am a very social person!”

Lisa wanted to get back to her old self and felt that Center For Wellness MD would be the best place to start making a change for her life.

What Her Body Told Us

Our founder, Dr. Russell, had been Lisa’s OB/GYN more than 20 years. That being the case, we were able to pair what we already knew of Lisa’s health history with the new signals her body was sending during perimenopause.

We took a hard look at all of Lisa’s hormone levels and thyroid levels, and as it turned out, she was now suffering from Hypothyroidism; her thyroid gland wasn’t producing enough of certain important hormones.

With a clear picture of what was contributing to her symptoms, Lisa first opted for topical creams to help balance her hormone levels. After a year of little success with the creams, we decided Lisa would be a great candidate for BioTe because they would provide the consistent dosing that her body required.

BioTE treatments hormone doctor englewood co
BioTE treatments hormone doctor englewood co

Hormone Symptom Improvement After Just One Week

Most patients report seeing results within two to four weeks of their first BioTe treatment, but Lisa saw improvements in just one. “The hormones were perfect for me!” Lisa shared. “I feel like myself again and people really see a difference in me.”

Lisa returns to our office for a BioTe treatment every 4-6 months and reports feeling happy and excited for the next phase of her life.

“I have recommended at least two of my friends to the amazing doctors and caregivers at Center for Wellness and they've experienced the same life-changing treatments that I did!” — Lisa H.

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Success Summary


Lisa Haynes, age 54, occupational therapist, active hiker and skier.

Big Inspiration

Experiencing improvements in her health in record time.

Big Achievements

Tackling Hypothyroidism and reclaiming her energy!

What Worked

BioTe treatments that balanced her hormones and made up for what her thyroid gland wasn't producing.

What Didn't Work

Topical creams didn't provide the deep, consistent results Lisa desired.