Karen tried every solution out there but couldn’t gain control over her
bladder — until she opted for a treatment other doctors had not considered.

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Karen's Story

Karen had bladder incontinence issues since giving birth to her son 38 years ago. It affected every area of her life. She found it difficult to concentrate at both work and school. Close friends understood that she had to take frequent bathroom breaks while shopping or out to dinner.

“I have had this problem for so long it was hard to remember how I felt before,” Karen told us.

She’d sought help for years. In her late twenties, Karen worked up the nerve to ask her gynecologist about it. He recommended exercises and monitoring her fluid intake. Karen then turned to several urologists, over-the-counter and prescription medications, even painful botox injections, but nothing helped.

Frustrated but determined to get to the bottom of her ailments, Karen began looking for ways to dig deeper into her problem.

The Reason for Her Bladder Incontinence

After attending the seminar Karen decided to pursue Votiva, a non-surgical radio-frequency treatment. We were ready to help her explore Votiva as an option, and to think outside the box that every other approach she’d tried had fallen into.

Following an exam and carefully considering Karen’s medical history, current wellbeing, and her lifestyle, we determined that Votiva was in fact a viable option for her needs.

Specifically, we employed Votiva’s Forma V treatment for Karen’s healing because it involves little to no downtime and would strengthen her pelvic floor, giving her more control over her bladder. A course of three treatments, four weeks apart, was best for her, based on her body.

“It was such an amazing experience that after the first treatment I decided to make Dr. Russell my ongoing gynecologist,” Karen shared.

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Life-Changing Results

Karen began feeling the results soon after her first treatment, even attending a cocktail party shortly afterward and not visiting the restroom at all.

“It has been life-changing,” Karen remarked. “Sex, skiing, exercise, everything's better since my Votiva treatments.”

She continues to work with our team to ensure that she will be able to live the fullest life possible as she ages.

“I feel like the women at Center for Wellness are a club fighting wellness and age together.” — Karen L.

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Success Summary


Karen Lubbe, wife, mother, skier.

Big Inspiration

Attending a cocktail party shortly after her first treatment and not visiting the restroom at all.

Big Achievements

Overcoming bladder control issues she endured for nearly 40 years.

What Worked

Regular, non-surgical Votiva treatments and a team that truly heard her concerns.

What Didn't Work

Nearly every other treatment in the book, including painful botox injections.