What Is The Vampire Breast Lift?

The Vampire Breast Lift is a fabulous, non-invasive alternative to the “breast lift or boob job” option. Additionally, it’s a great way to boost the overall health and appearance of breasts.  Many women are uncomfortable or dissatisfied with their breast appearance due to the toll of gravity, nursing, scarring, and more. Although we believe all breasts are beautiful at any walk of life, Center For Wellness MD wants women to feel confident in their skin. Some women don’t mind if their breasts sink over time while some women want them pulled back up immediately! The important thing is that women love what they see in the mirror. Similar to putting makeup on, if something makes you feel more beautiful, then that is the right choice for you.

Do what makes you feel beautiful. At the end of the day, nothing else matters.

The Problem With Other ‘Breast Lift’ Approaches

Often times it’s inevitable that breasts will collapse over time. Gravity is a sucker like that! Breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight gain, and hormone changes don’t help much either. There are a variety of options that women can choose to give their breasts that extra “oomph.”

Breast Lift, Breast Implant- Surgical Approach

Those who choose the surgical breast lift route will experience pain or discomfort anywhere from three to six months. An implant procedure results in a woman unable to do any heavy lifting for a total of six weeks. Surgical approaches certainly work. However, the recovery time and the surgical process is a pain.

Breast Surface Treatments

Sometimes women will choose breast surface treatments to improve the appearance of their breasts. Breast surface treatments include breast gels, creams, and other topicals. Unfortunately, these options are not proven to make a significant impact on breast appearance. In today’s world, women want an option that doesn’t involve surgery, pain, or implantation of foreign objects (implants), healing time, or other possible surgical complications.

Vampire Breast Lift- A Non-Surgical Approach

Similar to the O-Shot, the Vampire Breast Lift uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate the fat cells in the breasts. PRP contains growth factors that stimulate your fat cells,  growing and increasing the fat tissue in the area. The PRP is placed around your breasts in a butterfly shape, boosting the plumpness of your breasts in all directions. This butterfly shape ends up giving your breasts a full and luscious appearance. Additionally, the PRP results in an increase in blood circulation. This can support any scarring or stretching that has occurred on your breasts. The vampire breast lift is 100% safe and is proven by scientific studies to provide amazing results.

Benefits of the Vampire Breast Lift:

  • Full, plump breast appearance
  • Improved blood circulation in chest
  • Improvement of scars/ wrinkles
  • Non-invasive
  • Zero recovery time!

Center For Wellness MD is thrilled to announce that we are now offering this Vampire Breast Lift as one of our services. You now have a vampire breast lift provider in Greenwood Village and in Castle Rock. If you are interested or have any further questions on the process or results of the service, please contact us today for an initial consult.

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