How bioidentical hormones helped one woman transform her life.

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Avis's Story

For years, Avis had felt just fine. The 57-year old kept up with her busy schedule as a hairdresser without issue. But in 2015 Avis began to gain weight and experience joint pain, as well as a lower energy level and a foggy brain. Little did she know that this was all from a hormone roller coaster and she was in desperate need of a safe, effective hormone replacement option.

She feared she wouldn’t be able to continue doing what she loved and saw that her condition was affecting her personal relationships as well. “I had a very short temper with my wife and son, and felt terrible about it,” Avis remembers. “At times I would just sit down and cry. I felt like a bad person.”

When Avis turned to her primary care physician, she received the same response that many women her age do. Her doctor ultimately told her she was going through menopause and prescribed hormone patches, but Avis didn’t feel like they improved matters. Worse, she found the patches difficult to maintain.

Frustrated but determined to get to the bottom of her ailments, Avis began looking for ways to dig deeper into her problem.

What Her Body Told Us

Avis found our team by way of one of her clients; she was intrigued by the benefits BioTE appeared to deliver.

As with all of our patients, we began with our 360° Wellness Consult to ensure we had a full picture of what was contributing to Avis’s age-related concerns. This included targeted blood and lab work, as well as a detailed discussion about Avis’s emotional wellbeing and exercise routine.

The results were clear: Avis’s symptoms were linked to a hormone imbalance and deficiency in foundational-to-health nutrients such as vitamin A, D, E, and B-6.

We recommended a regime of BioTE bioidentical hormone replacement therapy pellets and vitamin supplements, “Dr. Russell assured me we’d figure it out and to be honest, I left the office in tears,” Avis recalled. “But very hopeful.”


34 Pounds Down, With More Energy!

Avis experienced results quickly after taking steps toward her healing and experiencing optimal health. After just three weeks, she experienced reduced joint pain.

Avis reported having more energy, a better temper, and that her feelings of hopelessness were gone. To date, her BioTE treatments, combined with moderate exercise and practical diet, also led to Avis’s weight loss of 34 pounds.

“Not too often do you find a place like Center For Women's Health! They have been instrumental in my success and truly care about me as a person.” — Avis S.

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Success Summary


Avis Stroud, 57, a Denver-based hairdresser, wife, and mother.

Big Inspiration

Alleviating the join pain, depression, mental fog, and exhaustion that had dogged her for months.

Big Achievements

Took control of her health and wellbeing
Lost 34 pounds

What Worked

BioTE pellets and supplements, as well as regular testing to help her levels within a healthy range, regardless of the season.

What Didn't Work

Assuming her symptoms were due to menopause and therefore unavoidable.