What gave this woman a new level of confidence and a better intimate life?

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Sabrina's Story

Sabrina had her first child and still was feeling great. She was able to keep up with her busy job and felt confident about her intimate life. This confidence quickly faded after having her second baby.

“After I had my second child, it was almost as if a light switch had turned off.”

Before the switch flipped upside down, Sabrina needed sex every other day. Following the birth of her second child, she only wanted sex once a month. Sometimes it was even less.  For some, that amount isn’t problematic. However, it was remarkably hard on her marriage.

On top of that, she was battling bladder leakage that she had experience before even having children. Because Sabrina had dealt with the leakage for such a long time, she thought that it was going to persist for a lifetime. Little did she know that there was a unique solution out there for this problem.

“I often felt embarrassed. I run spartan races with my husband and his friends and they all know that I pee when I run. Who wants all their friends to know that? Sexually speaking... I was just frustrated knowing I was always the person saying I wasn't interested. I just thought- ‘this it... no more interest and no more orgasms’.”

Dr. Russel to the Rescue!

Sabrina hadn’t heard about the O-Shot until she came across Dr. Russell’s practice, Center For Wellness MD. It seemed like it was a great solution. Before deciding on her exact treatment plan, Dr. Russell and Sabrina sat down and discussed everything that Sabrina was unhappy with. After a body scan and blood tests, they both came to the decision that the O-Shot would be the best choice to overcome her current obstacles.


The O-Shot Experience

The O-Shot was a surprisingly short and painless procedure. Sabrina was shocked at how quick it went by! She felt a bit of discomfort the evening after she had the non-invasive procedure. But then, the light switch turned back on. A significant level of sensation came back; 3 days later she had an orgasm for the first time in 3 years! The increased amount of sensation boosted her libido.


What About Her Bladder Leakage?

“It wasn't until week two that I was walking down the hall and sneezed and realized that I didn't pee. That night I went home and ran, I didn't leak at all.  I didn't realize that I was so self-conscious about it. It was strange (and marvelous) for me to not have to worry about leakage anymore.”

Sabrina, similar to many other women, thought that her low libido and bladder leakage were obstacles that would stay with her for life. Center For Wellness MD was different than other approaches that she had taken in the past because these “life-long, unsolvable” problems were approached with confidence and open arms. If you have a story similar to Sabrina’s, schedule your initial consultation today so that we can team up with you and support your way to a happier and healthier life!

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Success Summary


Sabrina, a mother, wife, active individual, and passionate woman!

Big Inspiration

Overcoming low libido and making it through a race without bladder leakage.

Big Achievements

Improved Her Intimate Life
Gained Control of Her Bladder

What Worked

The O-Shot, platelet-rich plasma, helped to tighten up her pelvic floor and increase blood flow for a boosted intimate life.

What Didn't Work

Other treatments for increased libido.